Possible memory link on 7.9 Gateway?

Hi there,

Had a look around to see if anyone else has posted anything like this and didn’t come up with anything.

Gateway info:

Win7 x64 12GB RAM

We are noticing that the gateway is gradually increasing it’s memory usage until it reaches max allotted memory, then sort of dumping and starting all over in approximately a 6 hour cycle. We’ve looked through the log to see if there are any flagged events that can be attributed to the gateway maxing out it’s memory but nothing is recorded.

Is it normal for Ignition to do this?

We’re wondering if we may have a memory leak on the gateway and if so, if there are any tools we can use to track it down.

I’ve attached a screenshot of our memory trend.

This is entirely normal. Java makes lots of temporary objects that get cleaned up occasionally. This is what is called “garbage collection”.
If the low-water mark (the level it returns to after each cycle) starts climbing and the cycles start happening faster, then you have a memory leak.