Possible number of users connected into the application


I have a question regarding the possible number of users that they can be connected at the same time into an application.
The scenario is the following:
A customer who has lots of workers which they would want to connect to the system (I’m talking around 3000 users).
Does Ignition support all this load? Should I split my application in different servers? Is there something about application load balancing? How is this requirement about number of users?

Is there someone who has implemented a system like that?

Thanks in advance.

3000 workers - roughly how many simultaneous users?

You can break up parts of the project between Ignition gateways then use the retargeting feature for seamlessly allowing clients to transfer between them.

I don’t think a single Ignition server can handle 3000 clients concurrently. I believe we have only tested for around 150 concurrent clients.

What will that Ignition server be doing? Realtime status and control? Historical trending? How many tags?

I bet you could get around 500 clients open at the same time which means you might need to have 6-10 Ignition servers for that load. We would have to setup a stress test to see exactly how many clients can be opened according to what you want the project to do.

Actually, what application is expected to do is to supervise real status and control some tags. It’s important to manage information through a mssql server database and to have some control of some tags. So, honestly, application would not be heavy, and it’s quite simple in functionalities. But, the worst thing is the possibility to get access through many users.
There isn’t historical tags, no trends. The number of tags is around 12000.
With only one server, how many users could have connected at the same time (knowing this information)?

This 2008 white paper tested up to 150 clients and 17,500 tags. This press release summarizes the results. You can replace FactoryPMI with Ignition - the requirements are on the same order of magnitude now as they were then. You should be able to get better performance by increasing the available hardware resources (CPU and RAM) and separating the SQL database machine. You’ll want to run a 64 bit version with lots of resources. This should give you an order of magnitude estimate of what to expect.

[quote]For these tests, we had two different size servers to run the Gateway on. The small
server had a 1.2 GHz Xeon processor and 1.7 GB of RAM. The large server had 2
dual-core 1.2 GHz Xeon processors and 7.5 GB of RAM. The small server was
running Ubuntu Linux 7.10 32-bit edition, and the large server was running Ubuntu
Linux 7.10 64-bit edition. Both servers were running MySQL 5 as the database, with
a SQLTags simulator driver[/quote]