Possible resolution issue. screen on TV not looking like in designer

Hello, so I made some edits to a project. And on designer it looks fine. But on the TV it looks way off. the resolution on the TV is # 1680x1050: hdmi_mode=58
I have attached pictures.! also what i changed the size too in order to match.

Looks fairly normal. White bars are expected (left+right or top+bottom) when the client is resizing but you’ve set elements to maintain their aspect ratio.

Be sure you account for the area taken by the dock when figuring the available space your individual windows must target.

the gray box is not as wide, text is cut off, text is not centered and less space.

Sorry I’m new to ignition and taking over this project from an old employee. So i’m not really sure how, what or why they did things.

I just want it to be proportional like in my designer view

You may have to look at the “layout” settings of the various elements of that window to regularize everything. The old employee may have mixed anchored and relative mode, or varied the font scaling.

It is also possible that your designer and your client do not have the same fonts available. What version of Ignition is this, and what version of java is running in each location? (There are others on this forum that are better at diagnosing font issues…)

can i set them not to maintain their ratio. So I don’t have to worry about scaling and can just do it as it will be seen?

Still not sure how to get the box to correct width on the screen like seen in the project designer.

thank you for the help

Yes, you can set everything to not maintain aspect ratio. You will need to make bulk changes, as every component has its own setting. Multi-select within components is your friend.

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Use Ctrl+L to bring up the layout popup, then you can see your layout options. Set your layout to Relative and make sure Scale Text is checked as well as Maintain Aspect Ratio (as Phil said). This is set per component, but as Phil also said, you can multi-select components and set them all at once. You should become familiar with all of the layout settings and how anchoring works. That way you’ll be able to design and predict how your Windows will display on different resolutions.

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