Possible to convert a "Main Window" to a "Popup Window"

Hello everyone,

As the title states I was wondering if it was possible to convert a main window that I made and spent some time on to a popup window. As I was thinking the process through a bit more I realized having this window simply be another menu that can be accessed through a button like other similar menus I’ve created.

I just feel it would be a shame to have to start over from scratch, but I’ve not been able to successfully copy my window into a popup window, copy the contents into a popup window, or turn the existing window into a popup.

If anyone has any ideas or recommendations that would be excellent.

Thank you very much.

Windows are all the same ‘type’, just with different default attributes. You should be able to just set the appropriate properties for the window type you want:

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Thank you, PGriffith. This was my understanding as well, but attempting to change those settings to match a popup window never seemed to succeed as far as causing it to behave like one, but I believe that it is probably my own miss-understanding somewhere. I will do my best to double check again,

Thank you.

And, as always, as soon as I ask the thing that I thought I was doing worked. Thank you very much, you’ve saved me a fairly large amount of work.

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