Possible to get rid of perspective session icon at bottom right of session?

Is it possible to remove the inductive automation dropdown at the bottom right of a perspective session?

There's an option for this in the session props. It's under the appBar prop

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Thanks. Just changed the appBar togglePosition to hidden and all set

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Tip: don't use underline for emphasis in your designs or documents. You won't find it in professionally done layouts in print or signage so it ends up as an inadvertent "designed by an amateur" flag. One of the problems is that the underline cuts through decenders.

Instead, use bold or all-caps sparingly for emphasis. A bottom border can also be used and will look different to the underline as it will be lower, clear the decenders, can be a different colour or shade and can extend the full width of the label.

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You mean like this? :grimacing: (there really need to be more reacts than just "like" :frowning: )
I particularly like the red text on blue

Although, possibly the worst screen I've ever seen comes from a google search of "SCADA screen":
I'm pretty sure whoever did this tried to use as many colours as possible