Possible to use selected rows in a Power Table to build a report?

Essentially, I am trying to build a sheet that will track the route of each of the parts that will go through the workshop. IE: from the saw to the weldment, etc. and while I have a report made that does that very well, one piece of functionality we would like to add is the ability to select the parts we want to print the sheet for from a power table. It would let the workshop managers have an easier time of it instead of printing from a whole project.

I’ve been searching through many different parts of the documentation as well as through forum posts and have yet to find an answer as far as if this is possible or not. If this is not something that is currently possible, does anyone know of a potential work around, potentially using report scripting, for example?

Thank you all so much in advance.

This should be possible, but it’s hard to determine the exact method without more details. Basically, you would construct a dataset from your selected rows and pass that as a parameter into system.report.executeAndDistribute - Ignition User Manual 8.0 - Ignition Documentation (inductiveautomation.com) and use the parameter as your report data source.

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Thank you! This was actually the method that I was just about to consider using.


I was able to do this by creating a new dataset using the columns and the row indexes that had been selected on the power table and returned with getSelectedRows(). After that it was stored to a dataset memory tag, and then using the dataset memory tag as a datasource for my report I was able to have a dynamically generated report.

If the shop managers still wanted to print a whole project’s routing report there’s some simple logic to check if getSelectedRows() returns as empty (if not rows:) and if so to generate a report based on the selected project like before.

I’m fairly sure that this implementation was round about, and that a better method exists, but this implementation was simple and used the tools provided by default without too much complex scripting. Just be sure to add your dataset tag as a parameter in the report. After that ignition handles using it as a datasource automatically.