Possible to view a project as a certain role?

Inside of our project we have some pages that we only want users with certain roles to be able to access, and so I was wondering if it was possible to view my project as one of those roles to ensure that, A: the window I want that role to be able to see is available, and B: the roles are not able to access other pages that are currently used by management.

If this is possible, I probably just missed it while reading through the documentation.

If anyone knows or can point me in the right direction, that would be great. Thank you very much!

Component/Window Security and if you want to do it in python there’s Scripting Security

That should get you started. I’m on 7.9 and I can right click a window in the project browser, click security, then choose which roles can open the window. I believe there’s a yellow warning pop-up if someone without the correct role tries to open the window.

Yes, this is currently being used! Thank you. I was more wondering if I could pretend that I was a certain user. IE: I want to temporarily view the project as if I was a Shop worker instead of an Administrator.

No, we don’t have any concept of ‘impersonation’ currently available in the designer. It’s a solid idea, but execution is fairly complicated, as you might guess.

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Yeah, I had supposed that implementation wouldn’t exactly be trivial, but was hoping to be able to easily test all these features myself instead of having to harass my shop guys. Thank you Griffith!

Just have a test user profile set up and assign roles as needed.