Post Error - Error Code = 500

When I’m displaying one of my screens on a remote machine. This message will pop up on that remote screen.

It seems to come up when I’m working with the FactoryPMi on the server.

I’ll try and narrow down what it is I’m doing on the server computer to cause this…

Any Ideas??


Check your FactoryPMI log file. Error 500 is an Apache (web server) message indicating an internal server error. The log file is in the FactoryPMI program directory under /logs.

I’ll help you interpret it if you email me the latest file at naboeger AT gmail DOT com or boeger AT inductiveautomation DOT com.

OK, I’ll see if I can find the log.

We’re up to our ears in tomatoes and cabbage, so work on this will be taking a back seat until we’re finished with harvest.