Post what you know about ISA-SP95

Anyone know what the ISA-SP95 committe has been up to? They’re working on Enterprise-Control System Integration standards.

You should take a look at this link. … iclenbr=45

They have implemented much of ISA-SP95 in something called B2MML which is a very complete XML definition for standard methods for interfacing to ERP systems. B2MML is supported by SAP and others. There is a competing definition called OAGIS but the two standards are slated to merge.

These methods are supposed to take all the debate out of interfacing ERP and MES systems. I’ve been involved in convoluted meetings, debates and discussions in the past where tremendous time is wasted just agreeing on a messaging means between systems. Hopefully, these definitons will solve all of that.

Obviously this topic is quite old, but in case you’re still tied into this, do you know if they’ve moved forward with the B2MML definitions?

I’m hoping to do some work interfacing with an SAP system and would like to find the easiest way to get information from my plant floor app (FPMI) into SAP. I know nothing about the B2MML, but have worked with xml before and would expect that there is some type of xml interface to SAP.