Postgre Database connection

Hi, I trying to connect to a postgre database, the connection string is this


By default the data is stored in the public squema, but I want to store the data in a different esquema, how can I do this?

A Google search suggests that jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/postgredb?searchpath=myschema might work. Can you try it and let me know?

still does not work, the data is stored in the public schema, thanks anyway.

Hi ,

Ignition database connection for postgresql can connect to database but how to point the DB connection to particular schema in that database. I have tried by changing the connection URL to jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/postgredb?searchpath=myschema It didn’t worked for me.
I wanted to configure auditing profile for gateway and the auditing profile pointing to Ignition database connection so the AUDIT_EVENT table will be automatically created in the schema as per my requirement.

Hari Gb

Maybe this: postgresql schema …?

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According to the documentation, it should be currentSchema