Postgres and Recipe Addition

Am trying to get recipe module working under postgres and MES

Have upgraded to 7.6.4_rc1

I can create defaults etc and they look fine in the production model.

If I use the recipe editor I can choose “add recipe” and give a recipe a name…however it then disappears and does not show up.

I can see the recipe of the same name created in the database.

Similarly the list and combo do not show added recipe.

If I tick “show item defaults” I can see the defaults correctly.

If I however add an “item path filter” it allways shows the whole enterprise in the defaults tree which also seems incorrect.

Am I missing something?

What version of PostGres are you using?
I will try to replicate here and see if I can find out what is happening.

I assume you are running 9.3. Our validation is against 9.0.
I have tested 9.3 and found the same issue, but I do have a work around.

  • open the pgADmin console
  • select the PostgreSQL 9.3 under the server that you are using
  • under the “Tools” menu select “Server Configuration” -> postgresql.conf
  • scroll down to “standard_conforming_strings” and enable it and set it to “off”
  • under the “File” menu select Save then Reload Server

PostgreSQL had a driver change from 9.0 to 9.3 and we are looking how to handle both but this should work for you now.


will try this.

PS I suspect this may also address some of the other issues with MES pathing I had been experiencing but had been ignoring to date.

Will let you know how i get on.

Suspect the easiest solution may be to use a "SET standard_conforming_strings = 0; " when you establish JDBC connection to force option to known state thus avoiding changes to current code.

As far as I am aware all the options available to combat this are:

  1. check for standard_conforming_strings flag status and modify string as needed (standard SQL approach but messy)

  2. check for standard_conforming_strings flag status and then escape as required with the E’Pre 9.1 string’ syntax when standard_conforming_strings = 1. (saves having to do parsing yourself but still messy, postgres centric)

  3. use a "SET standard_conforming_strings = 0; and then use ‘Pre 9.1 string’ (not standard conforming, but likely avoids significant code change)

  4. use a "SET standard_conforming_strings = 1; and then modify current code to provide ‘Post 9.0 string’ ( standard conforming, but string handling needs to be upgraded to >=9.1)

  5. Use $$ escaping. (postgres centric, simple and works always, as well as handling single quotes without escape, will require code changes)

I found the link which shows all these variants.

Good info, thanks for the input.


SET standard_conforming_strings = 0;

Into the database “Connection Initialization Commands” (advanced config) seems to do the trick.