Postgres Transaction Group Question

I’ve got a question, I’ve linked a similar post below, but I’m confused since the ‘object’ in my query is another string.

Essentially I have a procedure that takes in a Serial number (TEXT), Expected station(TEXT), and outputs an integer to state if the part is ready or not for the station its been scanned at. I can run it within the script console fine, but the transaction returns the following error. the serial number and expected station are string tags with TEXT type on the DB parameter

Error during group execution. Error registering parameter 'expected_station'. Verify that the parameter name and type are correct. Method org.postgresql.jdbc.PgCallableStatement.setObject(String,Object,int) is not yet implemented.

Any ideas? Was hoping to keep things simple and still use transaction groups, but thinking I might be moving to scripting.

version 8.1.20

Starting to think I’ve hit a limitation of the Postgres JDBC driver :frowning: