PostgreSQL array support


I am currently using PostgreSQL (with timescale) to store some data, and I'm experimenting with the native postgres arrays.
Apparently, it is absolutely no problem to write natively in the arrays with a system.db.runPrepUpdate, but when I try to read the columns back, I am unable to do so without wrapping the column in an ARRAY_TO_JSON statement.

The error that arises otherwise is:


I ignore if this depends on the JDBC driver. I tried both with the one that comes with Ignition 8.1.31 (v. 42.2.18) and with the latest available (42.6.0).

I would like to know if anybody else encountered the same issue or if it is an expected limitation. Native PostgreSQL array are kinda neat, but if I have to cast them to JSON to retrieve the data, I would use directly JSON to start with.

Thanks in advance!

Ignition uses only JDBC native types, in order to be cross-platform and DB brand-agnostic. Sorry.

(Consider minimizing brand-specific SQL anyways--protect your work from future platform changes.)

Thanks for the quick reply @pturmel

And thanks for the advice, being platform agnostic makes perfect sense even if we lose some functionalities.

Have a great weekend.