PostgreSQL issue with Historical Transaction group

Hi Guys,

Thought I would give PostgreSQL a try and found that when I create a Transaction group, all goes smoothly.

However reading the data back into an Easy chart i get and error saying the t_stamp isn’t indexed when i run the diagnostics on the pen.

Historical Tags work fine.

Running Ignition 7.9, PostgreSQL 9.6 on windows 7

I’m sure i am missing something… :scratch:



Huh. That’s a bug worth investigating. To do so, set Postgres to log all queries, then create a new transaction group.
Meanwhile, just use pgAdmin3 or your favorite professional management interface to index that column.

Hi Guys,

I have noticed the same issue. it looks like this issue is still present in 7.9.9

It looks like this slipped under the radar. I’ve added an internal ticket to look into this and get it fixed.