PostgreSQL or MySQL

I know this is a broad topic and not specific to FactorySQL, but any users our there that have used both. Any recomendation ? I have been using MS-SQL and we are thinking of given one of the open source a chance. which one will have better support in .NET using strong typed datasets. Which one will perform faster ? More robust ?

Any preference on the FactorySQL community or company?


We now recommend MySQL over PostgreSQL. Microsoft SQL Server is a great program as well. All 3 platforms are robust. SQL Server surprised me and actually ran the fastest, but they all can push pretty high data rates. Stay tuned for exact benchmarks with SQLTags (Early October).

I would have to say that MS SQL Server would have better .NET support for strong typed datasets. A quick google search yielded that you can create ADO.NET strongly typed objects that allow you to deal with dataSets like regular objects to avoid referring to them by index alone. A similar search indicated that this appears to be possible with MySQL using your own XML based definitions. That said, I know very little about this area and I’m unclear on how this relates to FactorySQL unless you’re writing a custom .NET plugin.

I personally like working with MySQL. I’d give that a shot and see what you think.

Thanks nathan.

For what its worth - we used to recommend PostgreSQL, but switched to MySQL because of PostgreSQL’s poor performance and reliability on Windows.

And since you asked about programming in .net, I’ll throw in that, at least in my experience, the MS-SQL connector is much better than any connector available for the other dbs. Of course the others work, and we’ve been able to obtain very good results across all 3 platforms, but whereas the SQL Server connector is a full part of the .Net framework, the mysql & postgres connectors are simply side projects, and definitely can show it some times.

Honestly, unless there’s some good financial reason pushing your desire to switch, I’d stick with MSSQL. Then I’d recommend mysql.

Hope that helps,

thank you guys