Postgresql Vs MySQL

I have switched over from MySQL to POSTGRSQL database. Now I am finding that the POSTGRESQL performance is not good as per as speed is concerned. Its getting too much time for plotting the data on Easy chart. Ignition version is 7.9 and Postgresql version is 9.3. Can any one help me in fine tuning of POSTGRESQL becz I am using this with default settings. Its response is very poor… I am plotting max. 6 tags at a time… I may requires previous 1hour/24hours/10days/1month/6months datas…

Default settings for PostgreSQL seem to be intended for itty-bitty systems. Edit postgresql.conf and raise the various settings for memory buffers. (Substantially.)
Also, make sure you have indices on your timestamp and row index columns.


Though it might not handle many gigabytes of data well you could give the H2 database a try. Because it is embedded in Ignition it can run really fast.

The free Database Module is an easy install and adds H2 for you. It happens to be the easiest way to add, configure and use a SQL database in Ignition.

You can get it here:

Out of curiosity, why did you switch?

I’m curious, too. I chose to focus on PostgreSQL years ago because it was the only DB other than Oracle to support window functions. MariaDB recently added support for those (finally!), opening it to my future consideration. PostgreSQL hasn’t stood still, of course, so it’s not a simple comparison. So, what did PostgreSQL have that neither MySQL nor MariaDB could provide?