Potential Bug in Perspective 2.1.16 (b2022040511) for table embedded views

We upgraded from Ignition 8.1.7 to 8.1.16 today, and I found that some behavior in Perspective 2.1.16 has changed for views that are embedded in columns in a Perspective table. We are trying to pass in a value from the JSON that is generated from the query, and if I have the columns[n].render param set to “view”, it does not seem to pass in the value from the column. Instead, I have to change columns[n].render to “auto” for it to work.

Can someone confirm if this is some sort of feature change between 8.1.7 and 8.1.16 or if this is a potential bug?

I should also mention that we do not have a viewParams value set because, in previous versions, we did not need to add a param as long as we were trying to pass in the value from the table. The only thing we needed to configure was the value param on the subview that shows up in the table.


We found another oddity in 8.1.16 related to this same area. We have a different table with a view for the column that will only show up if render is set to view, whereas other columns in other tables will show the view whether redner is set to auto or view.