Potential Bug with SMTP Timeout

Ignition 8.1.27, linux

Setting up smtp profiles and testing them. One of our connections continuously fails on timeout. Even when we change to 60sec+ it still fails after the default 10s.

You should send your logs in to support. There's multiple possible timeouts, it might not be the one you're thinking of.

Thanks Paul.

Maybe you can help please?


Then in the log it's just this:

Putting a "TRACE" on 'EmailProfile' items doesn't expose any more useful data to the log, and there are no other entries at all.

The test email button is hardcoded to a timeout of 10 seconds. Does sending an actual email via notification profile fail?

There really needs to be a disclaimer for that! Paul!

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Hah, yeah, surprised me too. Not sure if there's some reason it doesn't obey the value set. I'll look into it more tomorrow.