Power chart aggregate mode and average

Can someone shed some light on how the average is calculated in Ignition’s power chart?
Because we see big discrepancies between the shown average and the average we calculate from an exported spreadsheet.
I suspect it has to do with the “aggregate mode” I highlighted in the above screenshot: currently I set it to “default” but ideally I would like a “no aggregate” option which is not available.

according to documentation :

“aggregate mode: Mode to use to group the data. Options are: default, Average, MinMax, SimpleAverage, Sum, Minimum, Maximum, DurationOn, DurationOff, CountOn, CountOff, Count, Range, Variance, StdDev, PctGood, or PctBad.”

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I was also looking into the aggregate modes. I’m not sure what’s the use of any of them. In my case I was testing “sum” aggregate mode.

From my point of view, “no aggregate” would be “default”.

You can hide pen control with “showPenControlDisplay”.