Power chart doesn't see my historical tags

As you can see in 2 images, my power chart doesn’t see any tags of the site_concentrator in its tag browser ( ofc the “default” doesn’t show anything) . But the tag history binding is seeing those tags.

Any ideas?

I think I’ve had an issue like this before, where we tried to add a new OPC tag and try to immediately configure the power chart.

I believe if there’s no historical data saved it won’t appear in the tag browser, could try switching it to a memory tag and putting some random value in, then it should appear.

I had the same thought. So I tried to use the tag history binding and time series chart at first. They both working as expected. But the power chart still doesn’t see the tags.

It is seeing other existed historical tags of other databases though! You might be right! Because I never used the power chart, and these tags were added recently.

So I’ve been running the time series chart for days to make sure the historical data being imported to the system. But my power still doesn’t want to see the historical tags. Any ideas?