Power Chart Export Configuration

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I wonder if anyone knows how (or if its even possible) to alter the data that can be exported from a powerchart. Our tags store history on change, so the time stamps of those changes are super variable. Instead, I would like to just export the values of all tags every 30 seconds, rather than every change. Any advice?

I don’t know if you can alter the behavior of the power chart. You can put this script in a separate button. It will query the tag historian and return a dataset with a value every 30 seconds. You can use either system.dataset.exportExcel or system.dataset.toExcel + system.perspective.download to ‘export’ to the user.

Note: Property names are vision syntax. Replace these properties with the appropriate Perspective properties and you can use it there too.


data = system.tag.queryTagHistory(
	# you can have more than one tag path in the list. They'll show up as separate columns
	startDate=event.source.parent.getComponent('Easy Chart').startDate, # replace
	endDate=event.source.parent.getComponent('Easy Chart').endDate, #replace
	aggregationMode='Average', #read about various aggregation modes. Pick the one you like
	intervalSeconds=30, # only available in 8.1.0 or later
	noInterpolation=0 # Investigate whether you want this on or off
# this line is for testing. You'd actually want to do something with the dataset.
event.source.parent.getComponent('Table').data = data

For more, see docs on system.tag.queryTagHistory.

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I’m not used to Perspective, but perhaps you could change the Power Chart mode to “historical” and then use a script that just updates the start date and end date properties of it.