Power chart export parameters

Hi All, looking for a way to change the export folder. Since our system can not transfer files through the firewall I need the data to be stored in a local folder where MoveIT can transfer it to our corporate domain.
Since all users must login I have the user name and can place their data in an according folder, I just need to know how to set in the powerChart since it is not a parameter you can set in the property editor.
Config.export only hold parameters related to time and date


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The built-in export is a download, and browsers don't let you change download locations. If the folder you want to target is reachable from the gateway, you could script your own export operation, which would naturally originate from the gateway. (All Perspective scripting is in the gateway.)

In other words: The only thing a web browser supports from a webpage is initiating a download. It's entirely up to your browser where the files go. The only thing the webpage can suggest is a filename.

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Ok Thanks, I will use a script to extract the data. Maybe one day I will be able to transfer files directly from the production domain to our corporate domain.

how can we change the export file name , is there any option ?