Power Chart extra time axis

I am using the power chart for the first time and it seems to have an extra time axis (or something like that I’m not actually sure what it is) that I can’t get to go away. Here is a picture to better describe.

You can see the bar that I am describing right above the pen control portion of the component. I don’t see any reference to this bar in the props and I don’t see it referenced in the docs either. Is this bar supposed to be there? Could somebody point me in the right direction and/or explain what this bar is?

The additional time axis appears when you are viewing the chart with a Historical date range rather than in Realtime. It allows you quickly narrow down what the chart is showing you to specific points of interest by clicking and dragging on the axis. While it only shows one tag at a time, other selected tags can be viewed by right clicking on the axis and selecting a different tag.

Here is a screen recording that demonstrates some of the behavior:

Currently there isn’t a way to disable this functionality. If it is something that you would want, I can put it in as a feature request.



Ahh okay nice. I can see how that is useful. I would like to have to option to collapse it kind of like the pen control table or maybe just be able to access a visibility prop for that particular axis.

I'd like to be able to hide the Range Selector, the same as "Chart Mode = Manual" Vision EasyChart, so to be able to manage with bindings or buttons the start and end date
Please, let me know if there is a feature request to vote for

Already has a feature ticket assigned. Not sure where they are in development though.