Power Chart Historical Data Shows Extra Chart

So with the Power Chart, when changing it to Historical View, an extra chart shows up below the main chart. You can right click it and change which pen this chart shows:

A bit of an odd question, but can this chart be removed or be able to hide it?


It can be removed (hidden) with CSS. There is not a first party way to do it (yet). Details in this post.

I apologize for I am trying to understand where to put the CSS.

I am wanting to inject it into a style for the Power Chart.

From reading on it looks like you put it into the background image?

I am not familiar with CSS and not really sure where to put the text.

Thanks for your help

When you are injecting CSS into a style, this is often where the CSS string is placed. This really just convince. The only thing important is that the style class isn’t expecting a non-string argument.

I link to one of @victordcq’s post in that same that is an explanation of how to accomplish this.

The “supported” way to do this is by adding the CSS into a Theme file but that is not as convenient.