Power chart - How to set calculation timebase for VARIANCE aggregate

Hi again everyone.
I have a question for an issue, I hope i can describe it well enough.
I have a tag (well, a bunch of tags but let's speak only for one) from an energy meter that has the kWh index that's increasing faster or slower as time passes.
I've built a PowerChart and found that the Variance aggregate does exactly what I want as to show the ammount of kWh used as Variance and not an index.

Hope I express myself right:
My only issue with this Variance aggregate is that I would like to change the (no idea how to say it) calculation timebase.
it currently calculates Variance according to display width as narrow as displayable only a few pixels wide.

Can I set somehow at what time interval to caculate the Variance? it would be nice to see Variance for each hour for example.
I noticed that it automatically chooses the timebase according to the actual timeLine selected and zoom level. but it always calculates the Variance as narrow as displayable.
Is there any way to set it to wider calculations?

If no solution, I was thinking about using an internediate Dataset linked to the same history and set to specific timebase and some script to calculate Variance, but if is there some automatic way to do that direcltly in PowerChart it would be helpful.

Sorry If I expressed myself ambiguous, I'll describe otherwise if necessary, or with screenshots.

I'm back:
Here is an example with exactly the same history displayed as Default and Variance. Variance is exactly what I want, but with WIDER STEPS if possible