Power Chart (I just want to show a database)

Power Chart

When I want to add a tag to “POWER CHART”, 2 databases appear (I have two projects), but I want each area to show only its database in power chart

Cuando queiero agregar un tag a “POWER CHART” me aparecen 2 bases de dato (tengo dos proyectos), pero quiero que cada area, muestre solo su base de datos en power chart

If I’m understanding right, you want to only show the contents of one database on two different power charts. This can be done with the props.config.tagBrowserStartPath property. It’s nested in this page of the manual, but basically you can just edit that property to start with a specific path as the root using the format:


In your case, since you just want to filter out one database you’d probably just need to do something like histprov:Sample_SQLite_Database

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