Power Chart missing "important" values?

Hi all,

Some of our users have noticed some missing values of interest while using the power chart.
Here’s an example: on the 10th, there’s a large drop in the value of this tag:

However, depending on the timeframe of the historical query, this point of interest disappears (it also disappears when the realtime mode is selected. Notice that the starting time has been set back by only 10 minutes:

I’m pretty sure this has to do with how the tag historian works behind the scenes, but this seems absurd to miss a point of interest (especially over such a small change in time range), and our users are unhappy about the ‘untrustworthiness’ of our charting. Is there something to be done on our end, or is this simply how it’s supposed to work?

Other potentially relevant information:

  • version 8.1.3
  • Float tag with On Change historical sample mode
  • Aggregation mode on the pen is LastValue, curveLinear interpolation, and breakLine is true