Power chart pen control

Is there a way to prevent pen control from expanding?

PROPS.config.visibility.showPenControlDisplay : false

This hides the pen control.
I want to prevent it from expanding when user click the icon.


Hide the icon instead.

  • Create a new style. I called mine hidePowerChartPensExpandButton. You might like something more brief.
  • In the base style expand Background and add the following code into Background image.
} .ia_powerChartComponent__penDataDisplay__table__icon.expand-icon {display: none !important;}  {
  • OK that.
  • On the Power Chart component Property Editor hit the PROPS.style.classes dropdown and select the new style you created. That should do the trick.

This is CSS injection. You find the classes you need by examining the web page in question with the browser’s developer tools. (Usually hit F12 to show the developer tools.)

This would be applied to all instants of power chart.

Is it possible to apply only to one particular instance?

It is possible, though I don’t know the correct selector syntax off the top of my head.

You have to do something where your selector calls out your specific style class, such that only power charts with that style class are affected.

something like:

} .psc-hidePowerChartPensExpandButton .ia_powerChartComponent ...{


Yup seems right

}.psc-YourClassName .ia_powerChartComponent__penDataDisplay__table__icon.expand-icon {
display: none;


Thank you for all, works great.