Power Chart pen name inconsistency


When adding pens to a Power Chart in Perspective, the Pen Name for the first tag shows the tag name only, but when other tags are added, the Pen Name shows the tag name and its folder.

I have two pressure values that have the same folder structure and basic configuration. When I add the tag for suction pressure followed by discharge pressure, these are the default names shown.

If I delete the tags and select discharge followed by suction pressure, these are the default names.

Is there a configuration setting I need to change to have the folder and the tag show up for the first selected tag?


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In case anyone has the same question, here is the response from tech support. I have not tried the proposed solution.

Colton Connor (Inductive Automation)
Jul 8, 2021, 1:04 PM PDT
Hello Ali,

After the first tag is added to the Power Chart, any duplicate tags will include an additional part of the tag path in the pen name to differentiate itself from the other pens. This is the expected behavior.

I was able to locate your forum post and, unfortunately, there is no setting that can be changed to have the first added pen include both the tag name and the folder in its name. You will have to manually edit the pen name by clicking on the “Edit Pen” icon next to the first added pen.

Another solution would be to add a Property Change Script to the pens property in the PROPS section of the Perspective Property Editor that parses the data > source property and sets the name property of the pen to this value. Add the script below to a Property Change Script on the pens property:

if len(self.props.pens) > 0:
for i in range(len(self.props.pens)):
parts = self.props.pens[i].data.source.split(’:’)
self.props.pens[i].name = parts[-1]

Let me know if this works.


Colton Connor