Power Chart Pen Table Resize

Im not sure if im missing something but i am not seeing where i can make the pen table/legend bigger to get rid of the scroll bar. when i resize the component only the chart gets bigger.


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Did you ever get this figured out. I would like to send screen shots with more then 3 pens displayed in the pen control area and have not been able to get the size to change. Also would be nice to be able to adjust the width of the tag browser as we have some long tag paths.

You’ll be able to resize the tag pens and tag browser panels in 8.1.10:

I am using Ignition 8.1.11 but I still can’t find the size property of the pen control display/pen table. However, I am able to change the size manually when I am in preview mode but it resets when I go back to design mode. Is it possible to change the standard size of the pen control display?