Power Chart Perspective label

How to display the name of the selected tag on Y-axis or on X-axis in Power Chart in perspective

The Power Chart component uses t_stamp on the X-axis so it doesn't make sense to apply a tag name to that.
Since each plot can contain multiple pens it doesn't make much sense to try to put the tag name on the Y-Axis. It would be an unusual layout and that functionality, I think, is not provided.

I want to do like this in one of my project

Those are not tag names. Those are axis labels.

  • Run the view in Designer's Preview mode.
  • Click the gear icon.
  • Select the Axes tab.
  • Click the pencil icon on the axis to be modified.
  • Set the Axis Label.

Got It!
But somehow is it possible to display tag name there as only one tag is to be displayed at a time ?

Create a binding on props.axes.0.label.text and feed in the text you want displayed.

For this to work you would probably want to set props.config.visibility.showTagBrowser : false. If you don't the user can mess up the axes by adding or removing tags.

Still not showing anything

Add a tag.