Power Chart Perspective Not Showing Data

Ignition Version: 8.1 (Upgraded from v8.0.16)
PC: Windows 10 64 bit, 16 GB

I saw a Power Chart video on IU and also read the document for Power Chart. I wanted to use that chart for our project. However I see some issues in it.

First, after adding selected tags into the chart, I don’t see the pens in Table format. I can only see pens when the table is minimized. Also the pens appears into Props.Pens.X section.

Second, There seems to be issue with Time settings. It takes 2 hr behind time and also inverts AM/PM settings.

Third, I don’t see any pen data on the chart. I am able to see the data in Vision Easy Chart but not here. Please see below snip for referene,

Have a look at here [BUG-558] Power chart not charting

Yes I saw this thread earlier and that did resolve my chart not showing issue earlier, but it still has time range issue.

Apparently if I select AM then it takes PM and vice versa. Also -2 hr range