Power Chart Scripting Data Source issues

Hello, I am trying to build a power chart with a dropdown included. I have several sets of sensors for different ranges of gas. I have several UDT instances with parameters in them. I understand how to get the chart to look at the dropdown but how would I incorporate the UDT params?

Example: Sensor 1 and 2 param is 250, Sensor 3 and 4 is 500. I want to select the 250 sensors in my dropdown and have the chart populate with sensors 1 and 2 level tags.

Thank you for any help!

Would playing with the visibility parameters work??

You could have all the sensors on the chart but make the dropdown toggle the PenVisibility parameter between on or off on the powerchart to turn on whichever sensor pens you want it to look at

You've tagged vision but youre asking about perspective powerchart. Are you asking about Vision or Perspective?

In either case, you'll want to use a binding to set the configured pens to point to the right tags based on your selection

Nick, I apologize, it's in perspective. Thank you for your help though!

Thank you, I'll be sure to try this tomorrow!

No worries.

I wouldn't use visibility. It's wasteful and inefficient to create config for every single combination of tags that you want to display as well as then the number of bindings to the visible property. It's far better to create pens for the tags of one instance, and then bind those pen data sources to the UDT you've selected.

i.e. bind to the source below