Power chart startpath not working the first time

Hello there,

I’m experiencing an issue with the power chart:
When I add a tagBrowserStartPath to the config property of the power chart, then open the project in a browser, the power chart lists all the available databases, I need to either reload the tags directly from the power chart, or refresh the page, before it actually shows only what I set tagBrowserStartPath to.
Then it works fine, until I close the page, or navigate to another one, then come back to it

Any idea ?

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Got the same issue here.
Anyone fixed it or got a workaround ?


Same here. I managed to fix this using the trusted insanity trick. Add a script on the PowerChart ‘onStartup’ Event. Set the tagBrowserStartPath property there. Even if you have a binding on the tagBrowserStartPath…set it again with the ‘onStartup’ script. Hence the insanity trick.

Maybe you could get away with just issuing a
self.refreshBinding(“props.config”)…but I haven’t tested this.

Didn’t see that solution when it was posted, and ended up figuring out the same solution, only waaaay later. Would have make things easier if I had not missed it.

I’ll mark it as solution, as it seems this is still a problem and people might find this helpful.