Power Chart ( Style settings for Normal State and Highlighted State )

Hi guys have a good days.

Image below show the chart settings for Power Chart which the user is able to change the normal state and highlighted state by themselves.

In this case, may I know that it is possible to do all the settings in Ignition Designer which the users do not need to change the line one by one after they select the tagging.

Image below shows the result when the user change the settings for the state.

Thanks in advance.

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I would love to know the answer to this also!

Run the preview in Designer, add the tags, set the pens the way you like them and save the project.
The properties set will be added to the Power Chart props starting at PROPS.pens.0.display.styles.normal.stroke.

It’s actually quite clever in that you modify the settings directly on the chart itself while running in preview mode.