Power Chart Tag Filtering (Possible Feature Requests)

I don’t think this exists, but is there any way to do more advanced Tag filtering with the “Browse Tags” portion of the Power Chart? Or plans to add additional filtering options (i.e. - filtering extension function like Vision)? I’d like to be able to hide specific tag history providers and certain nested tag folders.

It would also be great if we could change the display name of the tag history providers and tag folders displayed to the user. The names we often use make perfect sense for keeping the structure clean and organized, but it often is more cryptic than it needs to be for the end user. Example: remote_tag_history/edge-110-albany-01:edge/CP001 is a bit cryptic to the users and often requires additional documentation/training, especially with new hires. If the display names could be changed, they could be changed to match the names they are used to using everyday, while allowing us to keep the backend naming scheme organized.

There is a “History tag alias” post in the ideas section, I also wanted something like this, but found the idea buried as it was first posted in 2019

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Didn’t even realize it existed. Thanks for sharing. For anyone who stumbles on this post, here is the idea post for the tag aliasing:


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