Power Chart tagBrowserStartPath doesn't work - history provider is a tag splitter and has a space in the name?

I’m using a power chart, and I want to set a tag browser start path based on the area the user is in.

I have two tag history database, TagHistoryPrimary and TagHistorySecondary. If I use either of these, I can pass the relevant path in to the tagBrowserStartPath property, and it works as expected.

However I also have a tag history splitter, called Tag History. When I try to point the power chart to this one, it doesn’t work, it just shows no results in the tag browser.

I suspect that the issue is the space in the provider name, but I’d really prefer to avoid changing that as there would be a lot of work involved in reconfiguring all the tags that use it.

Is there any way around this issue? I’ve tried enclosing the provider name in single and double quotes, and neither of them worked.

Bump - anyone able to replicate, or have an idea on how to solve it?

I can’t test it but is there any chance that escaping the space would work?
Tag\ History

Have just tested - it does not work.

I am having similar issues with tagBrowserStartPath not working on a Perspective Power Chart.
I am also trying to reference a historical splitter provider, which doesn't work.
Mine doesn't have a space however. It is simply "Splitter_Recent".

Anyone have a solution? I'm experiencing the same issue.

EDIT: I submitted a request to tech support.
This bug was resolved by updating the gateway.

What version did you update to that fixed it?

Our internal notes claim this was fixed as part of 8.1.18

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