Power Chart Trend Lines Disappear When Panning

Perspective v8.1.13

I get this weird frustrating behavior with the Power Chart when panning through real time data.
This occurs in the iOS Perspective App, Microsoft Edge on iOS, and Edge on Windows10.

It doesn’t “feel” connected to mouse button events and there is clearly data to display. Checking the dev tools, I can see the line path data changing while panning. When the line gets cutoff to the left of the chart, the first point in the path is not zero. It seems a bit random, but I have seen it at -1190, 583, 200, etc. This seems to start the first point of the line either way off to the left or too far to the right of the Y axis.

Likewise, when it gets cut off at the right side, the last point’s “L” number is getting modified to a lower value than the defined chart width. For example, my chart width is 1068.87 but the last L number is 1034.88. This causes the line to not extend all the way to the extreme right of the X axis.

Me panning the chart to demonstrate how the trend lines disappear or get cut off.

Seems like a bug? Not sure if it is just me because I have not seen any chatter about it on the forum.