Power Table Attributes

How can I or is it possible to get a list of all scripting attributes for a Power Table or any component for that matter. I’m trying to customize a power table header background. I have not been able to stumble across the correct attribute name. If there was a way to generate a list for all available attributes for a component I believe that would be most useful. In the meantime, does anyone know the attribute to call for the header row background and foreground so I can change the color of each?



Some prior postings that should help:
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Wait! That was you previously. What happened to the previous attempt?

I tried everything you had suggested and was not able to change the header background. I could change the hdr foreground but not the background. I added a ‘print’ statement to my script and could see the system thought the color was black but it wasn’t. It was like that setting was being trumped by a protected value or something. I finally stumbled across the Extension Functions(section, page 442 in the manual) section of the Component Scripting (see image) window and found the ‘configureHeaderStyle’ (duh) function. Once I configured the settings viola, head is now black. Hopefully this will save someone else a little time and frustration at trying to make their table look as they intend! Thanks again for your help it is much appreciated!