Power table auto column width

I am designing a lot of screens with tables currently. I also have some dropdown components that are used to filter the table contents.
I would quite like the dropdowns to be above the column they are filtering, and be somewhat aligned.

What is the purpose of the “Auto-Resize Mode” property on a Power Table? On a live client when you right click the table columns you only get the options to “Resize this column” and “Resize all columns”.

Can column widths set by the operator be maintained when window is changed and they come back to window?

Where can a static column width be set via scripting? I’ve tried the setColumnWidth() method in the “configure editor” and “initalize” extension functions but neither seemed to work.
When are these functions called?

It seems unreasonably difficult to design the table in designer and have it match what it looks like in the client. Especially when a change to the SQL query binding goes and resizes all the columns again.

I also wonder if there can be a way to resize and set a tables column widths in designer but not allow resizing in the client. Currently there is only one option “Columns Re sizable” which must be on for editing in both the designer and client