Power Table Background Transparency

How can I change the background of my power table?
In version 7.9 this code worked but in 8.1.5 it did not

Does this work for you?

from java.awt import Color
self.border = None
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Yes it works but I only want to make transparent the part of the table that is not in use

try this

from java.awt import Color
self.border = None
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That didn’t work for me

How are you calling this code? I typically put it in the initialize extension function. Once in there, you will have to close the window and reopen it to see the change.

I put the code in initialization but it did not work, I remember that when I updated to 8.1 I put another code but it did not save it hahaha

You mean you want the table to be transparent in the background except for the cells that have actual data?
You could set the background transparent like with my last bit of code and then in the configureCell extension function do something like:

	if selected:
		return {'background': self.selectionBackground}
		return {'background': 'white'}

There might be a better way to do this, but I couldn’t find anything in the table’s internal functions that only changed the background where there weren’t cells.

in 8.1 where would I run the code?
I have a system events onStartup then script?

The power table’s initialize() function assuming you are talking about this snippet