Power table blinking on data update

I am using a Power Table to display the status of commands on an Ignition 7.9.9 project, but when the data is refreshed, the table flashes and the columns are resized. The visual experience is not very pleasant.

To process the data, I configured a custom property (“rawData”) and this property is linked to a dataset gateway tag.
I configured a property change script to prepare the data and then put the data in the “data” parameter when the “rawData” changes.

My table contains a column of button from the javax.swing.JButton library and I modify the background color using the extension functions: “configureCell”, ConfigurHeaderStyle “and” onMousePress "

What can I do to prevent the window from flashing?

The flashing probably means you are doing something in the extension functions that is taking too long. Note that configureCell is called for every cell in the table. If you are making any gateway calls in those functions (including tag reads and SQL), split the logic so binding or other asynchronous actions provide the data to custom properties, and the extension functions look only at the custom properties.