Power Table Cell Colour

Hi Everyone!, i trying to color a cell in Power Table Manually, like how will assign cell background colour in MS Excel. Guys Please Help Me in this.

For power table, you need to do the configuration by scripting.

Right click on the power table, go to scripting, and enable the configureCell script. It has a default demo script for setting the background.

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As for per-cell configuration like Excel does with cell formatting, you’ll need to:

  1. Make some kind of interface for color selection/font/etc - whatever attributes you (are able to) and want to customize about cell rendering.
    See this thread: Designer Color Chooser vs Runtime Color Chooser
    for an example of a power-table based color picker that you could use.
  2. Store the user’s preferences, deciding how to do so. Most likely, you’ll need to keep a second dataset with matching row/column counts as a custom property somewhere, and store the cell-specific information in each cell.
  3. In configureCell, as @Sanderd17 mentioned, you’ll need to actually retrieve the cell rendering information, parse it in some way, and then apply it to each individual cell.

All in all, this is a pretty significant amount of work; it’s doable, but would require a lot of effort. There’s also many aspects of power tables that basically can’t be customized (per-cell borders, for instance) without a great degree of effort.

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