Power table cell edition without pressing 'Enter' Key

I am facing a issue regarding power table cell editor.
The current functionality of cell edition is like , if we add any value to that particular cell and click on ‘Enter key of keyboard’ or ‘Tab’ then only it get assigned to that cell.
I want that value to be assigned on mouse click. After entering value if user clicks anywhere on power table it should be assigned to that cell without pressing ‘Enter or Tab’ key.
Please let me know is it possible in ignition?

Assuming this functionality wasn’t removed in Version 8, in the onCellEdited Extension Function on the Power Tables, just uncomment the example line and it will do exactly what you want.

self.data = system.dataset.setValue(self.data, rowIndex, colIndex, newValue)

Yes, I have done this change and its working , but problem is that I want value to be assigned on mouse click not on enter key press.
hope you understand, exactly for what I am asking.

In Version 7.9, when I have this code and I put in a value in a cell and then click on another cell in the Power Table, the value that I just entered is saved. I guess I’m unclear on the problem.

Yes, if we click on another cell it will get saved but i want it to be save when user clicks on blank space of power table in this case it fails.

Oh, I see. If there’s no event associated with that blank space, I don’t think this is possible without some fancy Jython footwork.

Okay Thank you…Means it is not possible to implement this in ignition?