Power Table Change Row Height, Center Text and Bold

Is there a way to change the row height from scripting. It is for a in table header. I also want to center and bold the text in a certain row and column in scripting.

I got this to work for the auto center but the script I had used to change that certain row and column color based on value doesn’t work now

if colName =="Question":
		if data.getValueAt(rowIndex,"EquipID" )==0:
			return {'horizontalAlignment':0}

what i had
return {‘horizontalAlignment’:0}

returnValue[“horizontalAlignment”] = 0

answer for the bold or bigger text
Font = Font(“Dialog”,1,15)
returnValue[“font”] = Font

Thank you for persisting and answering your own question. It is helping me today, 2/21/2020.

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