Power Table colors seems to be disabled

I have an issue with a power table.
I changed some colors using the configureCell script function with some code like that:

    from javax.swing import SwingConstants
	window = system.gui.getWindow('Navigation/Home')
	container = window.getRootContainer()
	data = container.getComponent('Controls').data
	executed =  data.getValueAt(rowIndex,7)
	if executed:
		return {'background': 'green',
		return {'background': 'white',

The problem comes when I lunch the Client. The colors seems to belong to a Disabled component while the tables is absolutely enabled.
If I run the preview mode of the page the colors of the table are OK.
I attach two screenshots to explain it better.

Client Version



It looks like your table has security settings on it. The Disabled security permission applies after configureCell customizations.

You where right. I solved managing security permission that where applied after configureCell was called.

Thank you Pgriffith