Power Table: Column of Booleans Click Behavior

I have populated a power table with data from a SQL query. One of the columns of the data happens to have boolean values. I went into the table customizer and checked the “Boolean?” box for that column. Now on the table I am able to check and uncheck that the values in the boolean column but it has weird click behavior. If the “Edit Click Count” on the table is set 1 then you can easily check an unchecked box by pressing the mouse and releasing. However to uncheck an already checked box, then you must press your mouse down while mousing over the box then move your mouse off of that row and then release it. I’m assuming this is unintended behavior?

EDIT: Using version 7.7

Hello Smith,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. A bug ticket has been made and our devs have been informed. We will keep this forum post updated as we get new information.

This issue should be fixed for Ignition 7.7.1