Power table column translation

On the table component there is column translation in the table customizer, but where is the located for the power table? I am using a power table but I need to change an integer to text and have not found where the translation can be done. Any help would be great.


Translation for the power table can be accomplished either by changing the incoming data, or with scripting, such as on the configureCell function. You can get a particular columns expected text value and apply whatever formatting you need to.

Take a look at this KB article for more information on using the power table’s extension functions.

Combined with the translate function I guess (if you want to use the translation manager): https://docs.inductiveautomation.com:8443/display/DOC79/system.util.translate

Thanks, got it working.

If the textValue is on your translation manager you this code will translate your cell text you just need to put this script in Extension Functions configureCell of your power table:

This Section is for Translate the text value of the cell

Translate = system.util.translate(textValue)
if not textValue == "":
	return {'text' : Translate}