Power Table - Copy & Paste?

We recently upgraded a customer’s gateway to 7.7.1, with the most significant immediate benefit of being able to switch over to Power Table, as many of this customer’s project are table heavy.

Anyway the upgrade itself was about as painless as I could possibly imagine, and so I was looking forward to rolling out some nice Power Table dependent features, but I’ve run into two functions that I feel are missing which prevents us from being able to commit to using Power Tables:

1) No copy & paste.
I’ve tried enabling editing on all cells, changing the cell formatting here and there, but nothing seems to allow for copy & paste functionality. This has been tested with clients running Windows 7 & XP.

This seems like a really trivial point, but in fact being able to shuffle a table around, select and then copy a cell or group of cells from the table directly turns out to be a real time saver for this customer.
In fact this feature alone is preventing us from using Power Tables in certain projects so we’re back to normal Tables where copy & paste works perfectly.

2) Text Wrap.
I won’t go on and on about this one because I’ve seen it posted here recently, but being able to combine the existing auto-height rows with text wrap would be fantastic.

I haven’t submitted either of these as feature requests yet because I have this nagging feeling that there is a way to get these functions to work and I’ve just overlooked it… any feedback confirming or denying this would be greatly appreciated :thumb_right:

Text wrap will be available in the power table customizer in 7.7.2-rc2. IIRC, you can hack a text wrap with HTML currently, but that won’t play well with changing column widths.