Power Table Determine Multiple Rows Selected

Using vision, v8.0.15, I want to enable a button only if a row is selected, which is easy, but I don’t want this button enabled is multiple rows are selected. What would be the best way to accomplish this? I’m sure I could runscript, but didn’t know if there were other tricks.

You could create a custom method on the table called selectedRows() and a custom boolean property on the table named something like multipleSelected.

Put something like this in the custom method

	if len(self.getSelectedRows())>1:
		return 1
		return 0

Then in the configureCell extension function just call it and set the boolean property

self.multipleSelected = self.selectedRows()

That doesn’t really work as it won’t update unless you select rows then commit somehow, click off, etc.

Nevermind, putting in onMouseRelease should do the trick. Thanks for the help!